What Is Ghostwriting? All About This Writing Style.

While it may seem unfair, ghostwriting services can supply an invaluable service that meets a variety of client needs. Because of the versatility of this writing style, individuals and businesses hire ghostwriters for a number of reasons.

Interested in knowing more about this writing style? This article covers the role of a ghostwriter and the benefits they can bring to business owners. Click on any of the links below to jump around:

  • What is a ghostwriter?
  • When to hire a ghostwriter
  • The difference between ghostwriting and co-authoring
  • The benefits of a ghostwriting business

What is a ghostwriter?

Ghostwriting is when a professional writer is hired to create a piece of content that is then credited to someone else (i.e., their name doesn’t appear on the byline). Many times, the writer works in a freelance capacity and is paid specifically for the project at hand.

Although behind the scenes, a ghostwriter is a significant part of content creation. As a professional writer, a ghostwriter possesses exceptional writing skills and can adapt their writing style to a variety of industries or to their client’s voice.

They can work as professional bloggers, write white papers or local SEO landing pages, develop video scripts, draft technical business books, provide transcription services, or work alongside a public figure for autobiographical book writing. Ghostwriting gigs are vast and can supply clients with the right content or manuscript for their needs.

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When to hire a ghostwriter

People and business owners look for professional writing services for several reasons. Some of the most common instances include:

  • Memoirs
  • Business-boosting books
  • Speeches
  • Blog posts and social media content

Writing memoirs

While you may think people want to write their own book, many feel their writing skills lack the sharpness of established authors or are often short on time to write an autobiography. Ghostwritten autobiographies are more common than you think, and some have the honor of being placed on the New York Times bestseller list.

Depending on the scope of the ghostwriting project, ghostwriters collaborate with others or work on their own. This type of ghostwriting work requires immaculate storytelling skills. To be successful, writers invest time in their clients so they can share a compelling memoir with the audience. Many writers provide flexibility to their clients, meeting in person, performing telephone interviews, or exchanging information via video conferencing platforms or chat rooms depending on their location.

Are you thinking about a personal memoir but feel your writing skills need some dusting off, or are you just unsure if you can turn out a great page-turner? A ghostwriter can provide the technical skills needed for a well-written memoir and bring your story to life.

Business-boosting books

Business books are valuable nonfiction works that can help enhance trust and build credibility. When business owners share knowledge and experience with their audience, they can reach new customers and build brand recognition.

Owners and entrepreneurs keep their days fairly busy. Writing a book might be something they want but don’t have the extra time or the right writing skills for. What they need is a good ghostwriter who can step in, take care of revisions, and submit the book to a book publishing house or self-publishing resource.

Many people use these types of books to gain valuable information on how they can kick-start and grow their own business. When you have valuable advice or suggestions to share, think about creating a how-to guide that can help inspire others. E-books or traditional paperbacks may help boost your business identity and brand.


The greatest of speeches are largely written by someone other than the speaker. Presidents, for instance, publicly speak at a number of events over the course of their term. With the amount of work already on their shoulders, you can imagine they don’t put pen to paper each time.

Political speechwriters are part of the presidential cabinet and sometimes fall under scrutiny because writing something a political leader will say can prove a challenge. While most ghostwriters won’t get the chance to write for the president, there are several occasions where people want an unforgettable speech, such as wedding toasts, award acceptance speeches, or keynote addresses.

A public speaking engagement can bring jitters, and the thought of writing a speech can feel overwhelmingly difficult for some. A wordsmith can supply you with the right words for any occasion. With a ghostwriter, you can feel at ease and deliver an engaging and memorable message to your audience.

Blogging and social media

Blogging and social media are essential content marketing strategies for today’s businesses. Companies consistently use ghostwriters who can deliver high-quality content that can keep their audience engaged and drive traffic to their site. Helping businesses meet these marketing challenges is a great opportunity for those in the ghostwriting job market.

While we may think of social media as mindless scrolling, the overall general population (including your audience) takes social media very seriously. An active social media presence can draw brand awareness and build relationships with current and potential customers. Consistency is an important element of social media marketing and is often overlooked simply because many business owners don’t have the time to dedicate to this essential practice. This is where a ghostwriter can come in handy.

When done on a regular basis, great headlines, tweets, and stories can make your business more authentic and personal. When done on your own, blogging and social media posts can quickly feel like a whole different role and may take attention away from other important tasks, such as running the day-to-day operations of a successful business. You can get your time back and improve your online presence with a client-focused ghostwriter.

The difference between ghostwriting and co-authoring

Ghostwritten work doesn’t credit the author’s own name. As the name implies, the writer is a ghost and the client is the author. A co-authored book shares a byline with one or more credited authors. You can find this kind of collaboration among minds in several types of nonfiction books, such as textbooks or research articles. Although a ghostwriter doesn’t see their name on the byline, both produce engaging, relevant content for readers.

The benefits of a ghostwriting business

A ghostwriting business can deliver several advantages for busy people or businesses that need content. By outsourcing writing jobs, your business can experience several benefits, including:


Businesses need content but often lack the time needed to hammer it out consistently. A ghostwriter can supply the content businesses need for emails, blogs, newsletters, and more.

Working with a ghostwriter can save a considerable amount of time. The most time-intensive phase is the beginning. This is when you share ideas and discuss your needs. After this introduction, the real work can begin. And since ghostwriters are professional writers, your writing project will have little to no errors and will take less time to complete.

With the help of a ghostwriting business, businesses can delegate this work to a skilled writer so they can keep their mind on other essential tasks.

Authentic content

Content is king, but not so much when it lacks authenticity. Authentic content is composed of several strategies that reveal how genuine your brand is to your audience. This transparency can help build credibility and trust. It’s about being honest with your audience. A lack of trust can be a deal breaker.

Consumers know manipulation when they see it. In all honesty, they’re already looking for it so it makes little sense to try shady gimmicks or techniques. Authentic content can come packaged in several ways, including social media posts and comments. When businesses create an authentic conversation online, they show their true colors and build engagement with their audience. Other ways businesses can show their authentic selves is by avoiding a lot of self-promotion, adding some humor to the mix, and keeping it original.

Ghostwriters can prove especially helpful in this area since they already know the workings of how to create authentic content. Businesses can build trust and credibility with genuine, original content that engages the reader, adds value with a focus on quality rather than quantity, and provides relevant information readers can use. Ghostwriters know this and can apply these strategies when writing content.

High-quality writing

Ghostwriters are professional writers and develop high-quality works. They know the ins and outs of punctuation, spelling, subject-verb agreement, when to use a comma, and all the other grammar rules many haven’t thought about since graduation.

More than a grammar geek, ghostwriters can adapt their writing style to meet the voice of the business brand. They understand what it takes to convey brand values and even personality within the work. Ghostwriters bring businesses error-free, high-quality writing they need to promote their products or services. 

Hiring an independent ghostwriter

Ghostwriters can add much-needed value to the content of your business. As professional freelance writers, they can bring essential skills and knowledge that might be lacking among your current team. From marketing materials to business e-books, a ghostwriter can tell your brand’s story.

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