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Tips For Managing A Team Of Freelance Designers - Ndiwano

Tips For Managing A Team Of Freelance Designers

Whatever industry you’re in, you’ve probably wanted to hire a freelance designer that can help you create PowerPoint presentations, social media graphics and many more. In the digital age, people are very attracted to visual content so it’s no surprise that brands are on the hunt for people that can make attention-grabbing images or illustrations.
Having said that, hiring a freelance designer is fast and easy but how do you manage them? How do you ensure that they create the images that you’ve envisioned? Here’s what you need to know:

1. Create Daily Video Walkthroughs

You’ve probably heard of creative briefs that provide designers with information on a piece of work. While it’s useful, you should consider communicating instructions accurately through videos that can show and not just describe the final product. This ensures that you’re on the same page with your freelance designer.

 Create Daily Video Walkthroughs Ndiwano

Source. You can use tools like Loom to record videos that explain each freelance assignment. Don’t be afraid when the video seems unpolished or has awkward mistakes. As long as it’s similar to how you’d communicate with a work colleague, then it’s good to go.

2. Make Time For Design Reviews

It seems easy when you’re working with one designer, but what if you’re managing a team for a big project? Each member probably has their own outputs so make time for design reviews. This lets you get feedback regarding the team’s work.

Make Time For Design Reviews Ndiwano

Source. An ideal design review lets each member discuss and introduce their work for one to two minutes. Make sure to let the designers do most of the talking. You can provide relevant suggestions or solutions to enable freelance designers to improve their work. However, don’t forget to schedule follow-ups so they can submit revisions too.

3. Centralize Project Information

Documentation doesn’t need to be difficult when working with a remote team. You can aggregate project information, deliverables and targeted feedback in one shared document through Dropbox Paper.

Centralize Project Information Ndiwano

Source. There’s no need to be concerned with dozens of email threads for every team member. You can simply place deliverables and comment feedback in one document. With Dropbox Paper, a document could focus on one design such as a logo. The first pages would be the recent entries. As users scroll down, they can recall past versions and see the projects’ evolution.

4. Focus On Team Alignment

Monitor your different team members and make sure they’re on track to submitting their deliverables. Communicate with them constantly and use a project management tool like Trello to track everyone’s tasks or deadlines.

Focus On Team Alignment Ndiwano

Source. If your designers have a problem reaching the deadline or are experiencing difficulties, be open to suggestions. Provide them with solutions to ensure the success of your project.

How To Hire Designers?

Now that you know how to manage designers, how can you build a talented team of creatives? Ndiwano has a diverse talent pool of designers that specialize in logo, promotional marketing materials, game designs, photography, product design and anything else that you might need. To get started, simply visit Ndiwano’s graphic and design page to scour the portfolios of over a million creativesf

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