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How to Welcome a Freelancer to Your Project – Ndiwano

How to Welcome a Freelancer to Your Project

You’ve found the perfect Ndiwano contract worker. The gig they’re offering matches your needs perfectly, and now it’s time to go all in. Simply click on the package that works best for you, or message the seller to get a custom offer.

Customize your order, review it, then click the “Order Now” button. After paying, fill out the order requirements and you’re ready to communicate directly. Here’s what the welcoming process should look like:

Starting the Freelance Collaboration on the Right Foot

It’s time to onboard your freelancer. Focus on authentically connecting, giving them the information they need to do the job well and establishing a method for communicating during the creation process.

1. Master the Welcome Message

Since this is your first direct contact with the freelancer, personalize the communication to start building rapport. Let them know you’re excited about the partnership, share how to best contact you during the workflow and include a sentence or two about how this gig fits into a larger project or business goal. The more details you provide, the better the freelancer can assist you.

2. Share Specific Project Details

The backbone of a gig is the brief. These detailed instructions will outline exactly what you’d like produced, specific requirements and the target audience or final use for the digital service being rendered (like Digital Marketing or Video & Animation).

It’s practically impossible for this document to be too long, so share as much information as you’d like! If your company has a branding strategy, writer’s guidelines, editorial calendar, workflow document or project timeline—share those too. It’s easy to upload PDFs to the Ndiwano platform.

3. Set Up a Phone Call

Do you have a team call coming up that would be helpful for your freelancer to attend? Use the messaging feature on the Ndiwano platform to send a quick note with the details of the call topic, time and number.

You can also message them to set-up regular check-in calls to answer questions or review the progress of a lengthy, detailed project. For example, if a project will span 6 months, weekly calls help ensure that things are moving in the right direction, on time.

4. Share a Timeline

If you don’t have a specific document for this, you can simply send a message. Every freelancer needs to know their deadline(s). If the project is segmented and completed in stages with multiple deadlines, outline those too. The more information, the better!

You can also use a timeline to loop your freelancer in on greater content needs. If the current gig is part of a campaign and additional services will be needed in the future, include those specifics on the timeline. This makes it easier for a favorite freelancer to let you know if they are available to take on your upcoming projects.

Ndiwano’s Always Got your Back

Do you have more questions about getting started with Ndiwano? We’re ready to help you enjoy a smooth buying process. Browse the Buying on Ndiwano guide or Help & Support feature on the platform to learn more! Happy onboarding!

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