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How to post a contest on - Ndiwano

How to post a contest on

Posting a contest on is a great way to tap into the global talent pool. In this post we will show you how to do it step-by-step.

Step-by-step guide to posting a contest on

Posting a contest on Freelancer is the best way to get a logo designed for your business. Contests allow you to tap into the collective talents of global designers, so you’re receiving multiple design options to choose from rather than just one.

Freelancer contests are also great for garnishing design ideas. If you’re not quite sure what your logo should look like, post a contest for it with a basic description and be inspired by the conceptual design entries of brilliant freelancers.

To illustrate the process, we’ll be posting a logo design contest for a web development agency.

Step 1: Click “Post a Project”

If you’re logged in, click the orange post a project button. You can also click the pink “Hire a Freelancer” button from the Freelancer home page.

Step 2: Describe your requirements

In the form that loads, give your project a name and describe your requirements. Be as detailed as possible but don’t stress too much, you’ll have an opportunity for further clarification if required.

Here are some important details you should cover:

  • Color schemes specifications
  • Logo style (just a graphic or just words or both)
  • Style of any fonts
  • Graphic details (providing examples of the style you want to emulate is very helpful).

Step 3: Specify the skills required for your project.

A list of skill sets will be automatically populated based on your outlined project details. You can remove any of them and also add your own by typing into this field.

how to post a contest on freelancer Ndiwano

Step 4: Select “Contest”

Select the option on the right “Start a Contest”. The “Post a Project” option on the left is for publishing projects for individual freelancers. 

how to post a contest on freelancer Ndiwano

Step 5: Set your budget

Set your budget (the contest prize money) you’ll be releasing to the winner. You should see an approximate number of entries you can expect for your specified budget.

how to post a contest on freelancer Ndiwano

Step 6: Set the timeframe for you contest

If your project is urgent, freelancers will be beckoned to deliver within 24 hours. Otherwise, you can select the 3 to 30 day range, you’ll then need to specify the number of days you’d like the contest to run for.

how to post a contest on freelancer Ndiwano

Step 7: Choose the type of contest you want to run

If you’re not sure whether you’ll be selecting a winner, choose the “Basic Contest” option. If you will be selecting a winner and receiving the deliverables, select the “Guaranteed Contest” option.

Guaranteed contests produce higher quality results because freelancers know they have a chance of being rewarded for their efforts.

how to post a contest on freelancer Ndiwano

Step 8: Select advanced features (optional)

Clicking on “show advanced options” will display additional features you can add to your contest order.

Details descriptions are displayed alongside each feature. The “sealed” option is the most common feature purchased for contests, it prevents other freelancers from seeing any of the entries. Only the winner of your contest will become visible to all entrants.

how to post a contest on freelancer Ndiwano

Step 9: Review the details of your contest

A preview of your contest submission will then populate alongside any additional features you are ordering. If no modifications are required, hit the orange “get entries now” button.

how to post a contest on freelancer Ndiwano

Step 10: Wait for entries.

It usually takes a couple of hours for you to start receiving entries. Freelancers need time to create a custom design based on your requirements.

You’ll receive an email when the entries start flowing in. If you download the Freelancer mobile app, you’ll be instantly notified via push notifications.

how to post a contest on freelancer Ndiwano

Step 11: Rate entries and request modifications

To help you keep track of all your entries, you should rate each of them. You’ll then be able to filter the results by ratings which will conveniently group all of the highest rated entries together.

It’s a good idea to provide feedback for each entry. You can even request modifications. To do this, simply click on the area of the design you are referring to and outline your modification request.

Step 12: Ask your friends to vote for the winner

If you’re having trouble choosing a winner, you can ask your friends or colleagues to help you decide.

To do this, click “Launch Poll”

how to post a contest on freelancer Ndiwano.

Then select up to 8 entries you want to share.

how to post a contest on freelancer Ndiwano.

Choose your preferred sharing method and you’re done. 

how to post a contest on freelancer Ndiwano.

Step 13: Award winning entry

When you’re ready to select your winner, click the green “Award Prize” button beside the entry. 

Note: This will not automatically release the prize money to the freelancer. An official handover needs to take place and you need to approve it before any funds are released. This means you can keep collaborating with your chosen freelancer to apply further modifications to the winning design.

You and your freelancer will then need to sign a Transfer Copyright Agreement, this will transfer ownership of the awarded entry from the freelancer to you.

how to post a contest on freelancer

Step 14: Approve handover

You’ll receive an email notifying you when your freelancer has uploaded all of the deliverables. They can then be accessed from the “handover” tab to download.

If no further modifications are quirened and you’re happy to approve the design, click the “Accept Files & Award Prize” button.

how to post a contest on freelancer

Step 15: Submit a review of the winning freelancer and enjoy your fresh logo design

how to post a contest on freelancer
how to post a contest on freelancer
how to post a contest on freelancer

Final thoughts

Posting a contest on Freelancer connects you to the global talent pool of any industry within just a few quick steps.

Building your dream has never been so achievable.

Post a Freelancer contest today!

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