Getting started on Ndiwano.com

Ndiwano.com allows clients and freelancers to work together on both online and offline projects over a wide range of categories through projects and contests.

Signing up is easy.

  1. Click Sign Up on the Ndiwano.com homepage. Registration is free.

  2. You can choose to sign up via Facebook or via email.

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  3. You will then be asked to provide a username. Note that once chosen, a username cannot be changed. Click Next once done.

Usernames should:

  • be alphanumeric (contains letters and/or numbers),
  • start with a letter, and
  • have 16 characters at most.

   4. Select your account type. This can be changed anytime on your Account Settings page.

After registration, verify your email address, and complete your account details. Here are some important resources to check as well:

For Clients

  • Getting work done on Ndiwano.com

  • Fixed-price vs Hourly projects

  • Tips for posting projects

For Freelancers

  • Successful freelancing on Ndiwano.com

  • Tips for new freelancers

  • Tips for winning a project

  • Tips to improve your profile summary

To ensure you have the best possible protection in an unlikely event of a dispute, keep your communications and payments on Ndiwano.com. Keep an eye out for projects that violate our Terms and Conditions as well.