Digital Events are Here to Stay: How to Rock Your Company’s Virtual Meetings

Digital events and virtual gatherings have grown increasingly popular thanks to COVID-19. However, it appears this isn’t a temporary trend. In fact, a majority of marketers expect that virtual events will continue long after the pandemic has ended. The main reason for this continuation is the ease, convenience, and affordability of being able to host a virtual event from anywhere in the world.

If you’ve put off fine-tuning your virtual planning, it’s time to face the reality—virtual meetings are the new norm!

But don’t worry, it’s easy to transform a lackluster presentation into an exciting, interactive one. We’re here to show you how it’s done.

Use High-Quality Software

The key to a successful virtual meeting, event, or webinar is using versatile, high-quality, and easy-to-use software. It can take time to find the best one to fit your business’s specific needs, but once you do, your events will be golden.

Let’s look at the top three choices for rocking your next virtual event.


With MeetingPlay, you can provide a state-of-the-art event that mimics the face-to-face experience. And for many, having the opportunity to connect with other colleagues is what makes an event really special. This software is perfect for businesses of all sizes, allowing from 20 to 200,000 attendees.

Key features include:

  • Downloadable content
  • Opportunities to network
  • Easy integration with hundreds of platforms
  • Ability to include hybrid events


You can’t go wrong with the Eventtia platform. This software will transform your next event into an awe-inspiring gathering.

Key features include:

  • Immediate access to the virtual stage
  • High-quality networking
  • Heightened interactivity and attendee engagement


If you’re unsure whether to move forward with virtual or in-person events, InEvent is the answer. This is the leading software for planning hybrid events and meetings in a time where the future still remains uncertain.

Key features include:

  • Hybrid marketing solutions
  • Virtual integration hub
  • Entertaining event engagement

Make the Event Fun

Whether you’re hosting a project planning meeting, a webinar, or a company celebration, your overall goal is to make it exciting and unforgettable. There’s no reason work has to be boring, right?

Here are a few tools to try out:

  • GatheroundThis is the ultimate platform for fun icebreakers! You can create templates for team building, happy hour, weekly reflections, and more.
  • ClubhouseHere you can plan, build, and measure success with this vibrant project management software.
  • SwapcardThis is a phenomenal event app that includes networking, lead capturing, and event scheduling.

Above all else, make sure to schedule networking and hang-out opportunities. As great as virtual experiences can be, they often lack that one-on-one feel. However, with enough thought and planning, you can incorporate those creative, expressive, and enjoyable moments into your conference.

Fine-Tune Your Presentation

If you rely on PowerPoint presentations for your virtual meetings, it’s important to make them eye-catching! Nothing’s worse than sitting through a virtual meeting that’s boring and drab.

We suggest hiring a professional, such as one of these presentation designers on Ndiwano. That way you can focus on the meeting’s agenda, leaving the color and pizazz to someone else.

Remember, when people go virtual, they have plenty of distractions around them. Having a stunning presentation can make a world of difference.

Offer Hybrid Options

As we move forward into life returning to normal, there are still many benefits to offering a virtual component to your next event. For example, virtual meetings allow people from across the globe to join in without the hassle of plane tickets and hotel bookings.

Most of the software options we suggested above offer help with hybrid scheduling. Just make sure to allow time for in-person attendees to travel between meeting rooms, as well as virtual people time to network and connect with others.

Make Your Virtual Events as Real to Life As Possible

As more businesses turn virtual, it’s important to maintain aspects of real-life interaction. If you usually hand out goodie bags or offer snacks during in-person conferences, mail them out in advance. If a dance party is what’s needed to motivate your team, then find some good tunes and get everyone moving and grooving.

Most importantly, allow time to connect with others. Your business is thriving because of the people, so make sure to celebrate them.

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