Product Packaging Pro Tips.

Your product packaging is the unique encasing used to hold, represent, and protect your product. We will explore some of the most important reasons to pay attention to your packaging and the steps to design the optimal packaging for your needs.

How To Create a Social Media Campaign, Step by Step.

A social media campaign involves using one or more social media channels to promote your business or other marketing goals. Popular social media platforms include Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram. Combined, these social media platforms reach about 3.96 billion users worldwide. Think of these users as potential customers or target audiences—if you aren’t taking full advantage of social media advertising, you are missing out.

5 Social Media Campaign Cost Factors for Marketing Budgets.

Social media means something different to everybody. For many of us, it’s a place to connect with friends, stay informed on trends, or get premium entertainment content. But for business owners, it means more. Social media is a powerful marketing tool for promoting brands to over four billion users across various platforms. However, that comes at a cost.