Case study: How Room Steals solved their business branding problem with Ndiwano.com

Room Steals had a problem with its branding. It needed a complete revamp. The company turned to Ndiwano.com for help. Read about their success.

Even the most difficult branding problems can be solved on Ndiwano.com

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Let’s take a look at how Room Steals used Freelancer to create consistent branding across all of their marketing channels. 



is a hotel booking platform that offers the cheapest hotel prices compared to anywhere else online. The platform has over 600,000 hotel deals that are exclusively available to its members.

The Problem

“After launching our website, We quickly realized the need to establish a reputable brand that could be easily recognized online.” 

A complete branding overhaul was the key to competing with all of the other hotel deal websites online. Primary deliverables were a new logo, color palette and font, all delivered in a brand book.

The Process

The team at Room Steals understood that they had limited graphic design experience, and since they had a history of successfully completed projects on Freelancer, they decided to once again tap into its pool of incredible talent.

Roomsteals posted a project on Ndiwano.com outlining all of the key deliverables and design specifications. Their project received an enormous number of bids by freelancers offering to complete it.

Room Steals awarded the project to a freelancer known as iType Designs

 because of their outstanding portfolio of work and spectacular customer reviews (5.0 star average out of 1,385 reviews).

The time difference between the Room Steals team and their freelancer (which is located on the other side of the globe) was extremely beneficial. All design iterations were sent through to the Room Steals team overnight, which meant that they were available for review in the morning. 

The Room Steals team then had the entire day to consider any modification suggestions without the pressure of conventional office hours.

“The freelancer team was very patient with us throughout our many requested revisions, they were always professional and happy to make sure that we were satisfied with their work.”

The Results

The Room Steals branding was completely reconstructed, consisting of a new logo, unique color palette and font. These changes were applied to its website, social media channels and email templates.

As a result of their new recognizable branding, Room Steals noticed an increase in returning customers. This was the exact outcome Room Steals was aiming for when they posted the project.

Room Steals is continuing to steadily grow as it solidifies its branding across the hotel market.

“Hiring a professional freelancer to do our branding allowed our team to focus on tasks that were more impactful for our customers and our revenue”

– Roomsteals.com

The inspiration for their logo design:

roomsteals.com Ndiwano

Conceptualization of their branding:                

roomsteals.com Ndiwano
roomsteals.com Ndiwano
roomsteals.com Ndiwano

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