Best Video Makers for Adding Music to Videos.

Video makers are tools that help people make creative online content. Several video-making tools are available, with a range of features and prices.

For example, TikTok is a simple and free video maker app that lets you add music tracks, voiceovers, and text in short clips and share them on social media. By contrast, Adobe Premiere Pro is paid software typically used to edit more complex content, like online videos, commercials, and animations.

The key to making the best video content for social media, business presentations, or anything else is to find the right video maker for the kind of content you want to produce. We give you the ins and outs of the best video makers to help you make the right choice.

Top video makers for adding music to videos

Our top picks for video makers include:

  • TikTok
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • VideoFX Music Video Maker

TikTok (iOS, Android)

TikTok is not only a video maker app—it’s also a social media platform full of creative content that’s shared around the world.

TikTok Ndiwano

Creating videos with music in TikTok is very easy. You can save “trending audio” to your device directly from a video you’re watching. You can also sort through their free music library for clips without worrying about licensing (just follow the instructions and credit the artists).

The app lets you record videos from your phone, record voice or sound over another video, or use “green screen” and “duet” modes to piggyback on popular trending content.

The video editing component of TikTok is straightforward. You can add live images (iPhone) or still images from your library with music or voiceover. You can also add and edit the length of videos and live photos.

Adding your own music is easy, and there are plenty of tutorials from other creators to help. You can also hire a TikTok marketer for assistance.

Top features:

  • Popular social media platform with a broad reach
  • Large license-free music library
  • Intuitive app interface
  • Many online tutorials are available
  • “Green screen” and “duet” modes let you create and engage with other user content

Pricing: Free

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the first choices for filmmakers when it comes to post-production video editing software. It was used to edit notable films like “Deadpool,” “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” and “Sharknado 2.”

Adobe Premiere Pro Ndiwano

This high-powered video editing tool can edit and layer multiple audio tracks for a very complex soundtrack with music, sound effects, and dialog. It also has multi-camera editing capability, a critical feature for users interested in producing content with more than one camera angle (like a recorded interview or a scripted story).

While it’s among the most powerful video-making tools, Adobe Premiere Pro has a steep learning curve. And all that power requires a beefy computer to run it. Even with many online tutorials, Adobe Premiere Pro is probably not the best tool for a beginning editor.

Top features:

  • Industry-leading software with professional editing features like automatic color correction, interpret footage tool, and auto reframing
  • Multi-camera editing
  • Multi-channel audio editing and layering
  • Integration with Adobe After Effects for adding cool video effects

Pricing: $20.99 per month with an annual plan; free trial offered for seven days

VideoFX Music Video Maker (Android)

Sorry iPhone users, this video editing app is only for Android. VideoFX Music Video Maker offers 50-plus cool effects to make your videos stand out.

Video FX Ndiwano

Most notably, the automatic lip-sync feature makes it easier to edit multiple takes, so you’re free to try different angles and looks during your performance. The app also has presets for editing videos with effects (like time-lapse, fast motion, and auto-pause) that are easier to edit.

Like most social video maker apps, VideoFX also lets you add emojis, stickers, and text for subtitles. Unfortunately, you must have music in your personal library since it doesn’t have an in-app music library.

Top features:

  • HD-resolution video files
  • Automatic lip-sync
  • 50+ filter effects
  • Doesn’t require signup or account

Pricing: Free (with Premium options)

Other best video makers for adding music to videos

Other note-worthy video makers include:

  • VideoProc Vlogger
  • Corel VideoStudio
  • Triller
  • Clipchamp
  • InShot
  • VivaVideo
  • PicMusic
  • FilmoraGo

VideoProc Vlogger (for macOS and Windows)

Videoproc Ndiwano

If you’re looking for a more robust editor that can do a lot more than TikTok and is less complicated than Adobe Premiere Pro, VideoProc Vlogger might be just the ticket. This surprisingly thorough, free video editor has many of the features found in the best video editing tools.

Even the free version includes expanded video options, like a 10-band audio equalizer and 14 audio presets, that can help a beginner up their audio game with ease. It also has easy-to-use speed controls (like slow-mo), a nice selection of visual effects presets, and color filters that are very generous considering it’s free video editing software.

Top features:

  • Minimal system requirements for a video editor, needing just 600 MB for installation
  • Cool voice-changer effects can change gender, age, robotize, etc.
  • 28 motion presets that imitate camera movements
  • Color grading and correction capabilities

Pricing: Free

Corel VideoStudio (Windows)

Corel VideoStudio is a good mid-level editing software option that combines some of the features and functions of pro video makers with the ease of simpler tools.

Corel Videostudio Ndiwano

The most notable pro feature is multi-camera editing, which helps creators tell their stories with multiple camera angles—just like they do in the studio. Both Pro and Ultimate versions of the software include advanced waveform editing and audio ducking, which helps keep voiceover and music sounding clear. The Ultimate version includes more special effects options if you’d like to add some cool vibes to your videos.

Top features:

  • Advanced features but easier for beginners
  • Access to sound effects and royalty-free music
  • Pre-packaged templates, visual effects, and transitions
  • Audio waveform editing plus audio ducking

Pricing: $79.99 (Pro) or $99.99 (Ultimate); a 30-day trial is also available

Triller (Apple App StoreGoogle Play)

Triller is another music video editing program with some high-profile celebrity clout.

Triller Ndiwano

The app was designed to create music videos and has a community of music video makers in its social circle. You can jump in on some viral social music challenges to help build your audience base. The tool is only for mobile devices and can currently only record a 30-second video clip, so keep your video performances short and sweet.

Top features:

  • Auto editing feature for quick editing
  • Easy for sharing on social media (Instagram, Facebook, etc.)
  • Stock music options, including trending music
  • Great variety of filters and effects

Pricing: Free (with in-app purchases)

Clipchamp (Windows and Mac)

Clipchamp is an online video editor designed as an easy solution for marketing teams to create video content.

Climpchamp Ndiwano

Users can pull from many stock videos and images, templates, and effects to create their own branded content. The interface will be very familiar for users who already use Canva. With a tool like Clipchamp, marketing teams can take existing scripted videos and break them into smaller clips, add text, stickers, and more, and share them on social media.

Top features:

  • Includes a large library of video clips, background photos, and GIFs
  • Free basic version (great for testing the waters)
  • Pre-designed templates for faster creation
  • Create your own brand kit for logos, fonts, and color schemes

Pricing: Free for Basic version, $9 per month for Creator, $19.99 per month for Business, and $39 per month for Business Platinum

InShot (iPhoneAndroid)

The InShot video editing app for mobile devices is a great tool for creating Instagram Reel-ready videos and photo collages.

Inshot Ndiwano

The free version has numerous filters and video effects, as well as both sound effects and music libraries. You can also add GIFs, stickers, and text. There are even text animations available to help you create eye-catching subtitles.

Its drag-and-drop clip editing is easy to use. But videos using the free version will have a watermark.

Top features:

  • In-app music tracks and sound effects library
  • Easy to export and use for Instagram Reels or TikTok sharing
  • User-friendly video editor interface
  • Wide selection of GIFs and stickers to add to videos
  • Can also upload and edit live iPhone photos with your best videos

Pricing: Free (with in-app purchases)

VivaVideo (Apple App StoreGoogle Play)

VivaVideo is a video editing app that helps you quickly create free videos for social media.

VivaVideo Ndiwano

The app has a free version that can do basic editing and a paid version if you want to unlock all the filters and features. The app includes effect adjustment options to adjust brightness, contrast, and more. There are also a lot of text styling options to make eye-catching subtitles that grab the attention of scrolling Instagrammers.

Top features:

  • Extensive in-app music library or upload your own music
  • Cinematic video filters
  • Video transition options
  • Crop and rotate the video area
  • Multiple music tracks for overlaying music and sound

Pricing: Free (with in-app purchases)

PicMusic (Apple iOS)

If you’d like to create a video slideshow with music, PicMusic is a good tool to try.

Picmusic Ndiwano

The interface is much like other apps in this category, so it will be very easy for most users. The app features an updated music library, where you can add short samples of popular music (or purchase full versions on iTunes).

You can also overlay your voice onto the music. The app will automatically create editable slide transitions. There is also the option to add text, stickers, or filters to your images.

There is a watermark with the free version, which is removed with an upgrade to pro.

Top features:

  • In-app music library with short samples from iTunes
  • Overlay audio tracks for voiceover and music together
  • Easy-to-use interface

Pricing: Free (with in-app purchases)

FilmoraGo (AndroidApple App Store)

FilmoraGo is another slideshow music video editing option for both Android and iOS.

Filmaorago Ndiwano

FilmoraGo is a popular app because its professional-style editing interface mimics higher-end software. It also offers contemporary themes that can quickly make your music slideshow look amazing. This is not a free app, but there is a free three-day trial if you want to check it out.

Top features:

  • Ready-made themes to quickly enhance your videos
  • Special effects, including slow-mo, fast-mo, and reverse
  • Exports your video in ready-to-share formats

Pricing: Free 3-day trial, then $6.99 per month

Get expert help by hiring a video editor

There you have it! A list of the best video editing tools for creating videos with cool special effects and music tracks.

If you’ve already tried to make your own personal or marketing videos without success, don’t fret. You can always explore Ndiwano.com and hire an independent video editing expert to produce a high-quality professional video that fits your needs and budget.

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