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Best Places to Buy Websites for Sale or Sell Your Own. – Ndiwano

Best Places to Buy Websites for Sale or Sell Your Own.

Building a website from scratch can be tedious, and many new business owners can benefit from buying one that’s already established. And if you already have a revenue-making site, you might want to consider selling it for profit.

Did you know there are digital listing platforms where you can buy or sell your site with the help of a website broker?

A website broker operates similarly to a real estate agent. They help you list the website for sale, determine its value, and find suitable buyers. If you’re a buyer, you might need a broker to help you find a website that fits your needs and get it for a fair price.

This article shares our top picks for places to buy and sell websites.

  • Best places to buy and sell websites
  • Other website brokers worth considering
  • Tips for website buyers and sellers

Best places to buy and sell websites

Choosing the right platform to list your site will determine what price you get for it (or if it sells at all). Website broker platforms help you evaluate your website and present it to potential buyers so you get the best price for it.

Here are our top three picks for places to buy and sell websites.


Flippa Ndiwano

Flippa is an open auction website marketplace that works much like eBay: Anyone can see your listed website and bid on it. The platform is one of the first of its kind and has a unique catalog of recently sold sites that can help you compare your prices or bids. And offers sales contracts and a sales support team for you to streamline your buying and selling process, and has helped users sell over 250,000 sites.

It offers sellers four different pricing options. It starts at $29 and goes to $499. This is in addition to the “success fee” that it charges.

For $29, you get a discounted escrow, a three-month listing duration, and a standard reach.

At $299, you get free escrow, unlimited listing duration, and a 2x boosted reach. For $399 and $499, you get free escrow, unlimited listing duration, and 4x and 8x boosted reach, respectively.

The success fee you pay depends on your website’s value.

You use a broker, you’ll pay 10% to 15% of your sale price as commission. If you want to sell your website on Flippa but are unsure how much it might be worth, you can use Flippa’s free valuation tool to find out.

If you’re a buyer on Flippa, you can easily view available websites and their net profit. Remember that Flippa buyers must personally verify the details listed by contacting the seller directly.

Listing price: $29 to $499, plus a listing fee (reduces if the value of your website is higher)

Sale commission: 10% to 15% of the sale price

Empire Flippers

Empire Flippers Ndiwano

Empire Flippers only lists websites that make a minimum profit monetization of $1,000 per month on their site. Empire Flippers vets websites and examines the site’s earning history and traffic, making it one of the more trusted website marketplaces.

Since its launch, Empire Flippers has sold more than $422 million worth of websites and has had a 75% sales success rate. The website lets users list their sites at zero upfront cost and charges them a percentage of the sale price depending on the listing price of the business. Due to Empire Flipper’s thorough screening processes and high rejection rates, buyers can find some of the more legitimate websites for sale on this site.

Listing price: None

Sale commission:

  • 2% for sites above $10 million
  • 5% for sites between $5 million and $10 million
  • 8% for sites between $2 million and $5 million
  • 12% for sites between $1 million and $2 million
  • 15% for sites below $1 million

FE International

FE International Ndiwano

FE International is a professional merger-and-acquisitions adviser that provides website broker services primarily for SaaS, e-commerce, and content publishing businesses. The company has completed over 1,200 acquisitions, with a total transaction amount of over $1 billion. The company can help you buy or sell an SEO-optimized site with end-to-end assistance, including exit planning, valuation analysis, accounting, legal, strategic negotiations, due diligence, post-sale considerations, and more.

FE International has an impressive 94.1% success rate and was listed as one of the fastest-growing companies in America in 2020, 2021, and 2022.

The company doesn’t charge a fee to list your website for sale on the platform; rather, they charge an average commission of 2.5% on sales. The exact commission rate depends on the deal size.

This website is better suited for buyers with a large budget, as the listed sites often have high valuations.

Listing price: none

Sale commission: 0% to 14%

Other website brokers worth considering

Building a website from scratch until it generates revenue is tedious and time-consuming. But buying an already established website can be challenging as well. And most importantly, there’s a factor of trust involved to ensure you don’t fall victim to scams. When you buy a website, you want to know that a trusted third party has vetted its revenue and traffic numbers.

Selling your website can be tricky, too, because you’ve likely put a lot of time and effort into building a revenue-generating site, and you want to present it in the best possible way. Luckily, plenty of online marketplaces can assist in these operations.

Here is a list of other trustworthy website brokers worth considering for your website purchase or sale.

Bizbroker Ndiwano

BizBroker has over 15,000 pre-qualified potential buyers and a closing rate of 95%. The platform has been in business for nearly 15 years and specializes in selling websites and internet businesses with transaction valuations between $150,000 and $20 million.

If you want to sell a website, BizBroker helps you evaluate your business, create a comprehensive marketing plan, and negotiate to maximize the sale price of the site. BizBroker has facilitated the sale of over 1,200 listings and has sold over $100 million worth of websites. Read more about BizBroker’s process on the platform.


Buy Sell Empire Ndiwano

BuySellEmpire is a private online marketplace where you can sell a wide range of business websites, including e-commerce and content websites. Your website needs a minimum monthly profit of $1,500 and verifiable traffic to be listed on this platform, which has a network of over 10,000 buyers and sellers. Depending on the transaction size, BuySellEmpire charges a commission ranging from 4% to 7% of the website’s selling price.

This platform has a 93% deal success rate and assists both parties throughout the sale process. The BuySellEmpire team helps buyers throughout the sales process, from getting in touch with financing companies if needed to post-sale training resources for buyers to run their new business successfully. The platform also allows buyers a due diligence period of seven to 21 days, during which they can assess the website and ensure they want to go ahead with the purchase. Website sellers are also provided with end-to-end assistance until they receive the money in their bank account.

Quiet Light Brokerage

Quiet Light Brokerage Ndiwano

Quiet Light is a premium service widely recognized as a successful M&A adviser. Since its start in 2006, the platform has brokered over 600 online business sales and has a total transaction value of more than $300 million. Its analysts and advisers work with sellers to build a unique marketing strategy. Quiet Light currently lists 47 businesses for sale with asking prices ranging from $87,000 to $20 million.

The unique part about this platform is that the people hired to assist buyers and sellers have firsthand experience buying and selling websites and running successful internet-based businesses. So, the advisers are entrepreneurs just like you and can guide you using the lessons they have learned during their journey in buying, selling, and setting up websites.


Transfer slot Ndiwano

Transferslot is a curated marketplace where side project founders and website owners can expose their products to a trusted buyer community. If the website is approved to be listed on the platform, Transferslot’s design team will work on promotional materials for the project to help it sell. The project will be exposed to five selected buyers (with a track record of buying digital products in the project’s niche) for one week. If no one makes an offer, it will then be listed on the public marketplace.

Buyers can sign up by providing their name and email address to receive information about great products for sale. This makes searching for a new website easy—instead of scrolling through endless platforms, Transferslot sends suitable website options right to your inbox.


Micro Acquire Ndiwano

MicroAcquire lets website sellers and buyers connect anonymously and for free. The platform has a network of over 120,000 trusted buyers and can help you get your online startup acquired in as little as 30 days. As a seller, all you have to do is set up an account on MicroAcquire, list your website at no upfront cost, and start connecting with potential buyers.

Before listing websites, MicroAcquire evaluates each business based on over 20 metrics, like monthly recurring revenue (MRR), customer acquisition cost (CAC), annual recurring revenue (ARR), and the number of customers.

The site also allows buyers to review the listed websites and contact the seller with questions. Sellers can respond to the buyers’ questions.

MicroAcquire is a good platform to sell or buy SaaS businesses and targets startups with below $500,000 ARR. The platform also offers premium memberships for $290, which gives buyers access to notifications on new listings, expanded data and financial metrics, and deals.

Exchange Marketplace

Exchange Marketplace Ndiwano

Exchange Marketplace focuses on buying and selling Shopify stores and other e-commerce businesses. Buyers can choose from various business types and locations and filter them by type, price, partner stores, and staff to find the one that fits their needs.

Exchange Marketplace offers a valuation tool to recommend a selling price for your business based on its lifetime revenue, traffic, social media followers, email subscribers, and site traffic. Exchange helps secure the sale transaction on both ends by transferring the store to the buyer and ensuring the seller receives funds from escrow.

Sellers can choose to create a private or public listing on Exchange, which means they can choose to hide their business name and URL until it sells. They can use the secure messaging tool to communicate with their buyers and answer any questions to ensure the best deal on their website.


Trustiu Ndiwano

Trustiu is a professional and safe online marketplace to buy and sell websites and has successfully sold over 300,000 Euros worth of websites. The platform has an expert team that vets every site listing. In addition, the marketplace provides a free valuation tool for sellers to determine how much their website or revenue-making YouTube channel is worth. There is no upfront fee for listing your website on Trustiu, but the platform charges an 8% to 10% commission once the deal closes.

Once your website is listed for sale on Trustiu, the company will prepare campaigns and marketing material to help sell your site. The company also mediates the entire buying and selling process, protecting both parties and ensuring a safe transaction.

Hello Exit

Hello Exit Ndiwano

Formerly called Digital Acquisitions, Hello Exit has a highly refined four-step process to help you sell your website. This includes an exit consultation call, a business valuation, and a marketing plan. The platform helps you find the best buyer for your site by marketing for you. They also negotiate a great deal for you while facilitating due diligence, closing processes, and providing escrow services to ensure you get your money.

Buyers benefit from the platform’s high-quality listings and can sign up to receive new listing alerts.

Tips for website buyers and sellers

Buying and selling websites can be incredibly profitable, no matter which side of the table you’re on. Sellers or retailers want to sell their profitable website for the largest possible sum, and buyers want a suitable, revenue-making website within their budget.

Here are some tips for sellers and buyers to achieve their goals and have a successful website sale or purchase.

For sellers:

  • Get multiple valuations. Many website broker platforms offer free valuations for your site. Before locking down on a number to sell your revenue-making site, ensure you compare valuations from different sources to find one that brings you maximum profit.
  • Compile your data in advance. To sell your website for a large sum, you need to provide your buyer with proof of your monthly revenue and site traffic. You’ll want to have this data ready to close the deal seamlessly.
  • Don’t shy away from sites that charge commissions. Websites that charge commissions are incentivized to help your site sell for a larger sum, so don’t reject a platform simply because it charges commissions.

For buyers:

  • Don’t avoid due diligence. Even while working with trusted marketplaces, always assess the website you want to buy firsthand to verify its numbers.
  • Know your demographics. Check if the website you are buying appeals to your target demographics.
  • Find out which platform powers the site. This gives you an idea of how easy it would be for you to maintain and edit the existing website.

Need a website? Get easy solutions

The online tools available today make buying and selling websites easier than ever. Most of the websites listed above help you evaluate your business to determine a listing price, and then help you market it. Many of these platforms also have a system in place to vet the listed businesses.

Buyers or sellers wanting a website for custom web programming can browse through’s project catalog for qualified website programmers. Make use of’s workforce of individual talent to boost your business today!

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