12 HTML Email Templates for Easy, Appealing Email Campaigns.

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Email marketing is one of the best ways to promote customer engagement, boost sales, and create brand awareness. Businesses use email campaigns to communicate with their clients. For instance, they can send emails to deliver welcome messages, newsletter templates, abandoned cart emails, birthday notes, and anniversary messages.

Having appealing email campaigns is critical when it comes to capturing customers’ attention. An attractive template encourages individuals to spend more time reading an email rather than just ignoring it. However, creating an appealing email campaign is time intensive. Such email campaigns require significant knowledge and resources to be delivered successfully.

Business owners can avoid the headache that comes with creating email campaigns from scratch by adopting already developed HTML email templates.

This article highlights a variety of free and low-priced HTML email templates you can use in your next email campaign for better results.

  • MailBakery Omicron
  • Bee
  • Zeta
  • Shopilicious
  • SendPulse
  • Litmus
  • Mosaico
  • Stripo
  • Passion
  • EDMdesigner
  • Notify
  • Unlayer

MailBakery Omicron

Mail Bakery Ndiwano

MailBakery Omicron is a free email builder suitable for blog posts, videos, testimonials, and other upcoming events. The soft edges and smooth shapes included in this custom email template make readers feel relaxed. As a result, customers are more likely to read and respond to campaign messages.

MailBakery Omicron has several important features:

First, it has responsive email templates, which look great on both desktop and mobile devices. Businesses can, therefore, target a huge number of customers. Further, they can save significant time since there’s no need to customize the template further.

Second, MailBakery Omicron is supported by all major email service providers (ESPs), including Gmail, Campaign Monitor, Yahoo, and Mailchimp. Businesses can also add new email integrations by contacting MailBakery.

Third, MailBakery Omicron is known for its reliability. MailBakery Omicron was developed using the best coding practices. It has an active team of developers and analysts that search for bugs and fix them before they impact the email campaign.

The MailBakery Omicron template has also been tested on more than 40 types of devices and browsers. Therefore, it’s unlikely to fail during operation.

You can download MailBakery Omicron from the developer’s official website. The downloaded folder contains images, logos, GIFs, fonts, CSS, and HTML files you can customize to your liking. In-line CSS is included in the HTML code to minimize the number of files required. Premium products are available for purchase.


Bee Ndiwano

Bee provides hundreds of free HTML email templates that you can adopt and use in your email campaign. You also have the option of creating a new HTML email template entirely from scratch.

The drag-and-drop editing tool from Bee enables you to customize different HTML email templates. You can create landing pages and responsive emails without having any coding experience. However, you will need the pro version to access this online builder.

Bee also has a team of experts that offer custom HTML email design services. You can request help from qualified personnel whenever you experience any problem with Bee’s email templates.


Zeta Ndiwano

Zeta is a free HTML email template developed by MailBakery for sending blog posts, testimonials, projected timelines, and other information to customers.

Zeta is a fully responsive HTML email template. It adapts well to mobile and computer devices. Zeta has also been carefully tested by a team of experts at MailBakery. You can experiment with a variety of features knowing that they will not break.

Zeta can also act as an e-commerce template. Numerous online businesses take advantage of this feature to send their list of products to customers. A premium version is available for purchase.


Shopilicious Ndiwano

Shopilicious is a free HTML email template for e-commerce businesses, also from MailBakery. It features sections like popular products and trending products that companies can customize. You can use it to send testimonials, discounts, and other promotional messages. Businesses can also add their social media links to this email template.

Just like Zeta and Omicron, Shopilicious is responsive. It automatically adapts to devices with different screen configurations. This is important, especially when dealing with customers from unique target segments.

The Shopilicious email template has also undergone thorough testing to make it error-free, so both large and small organizations can utilize it. Opt for a premium paid version with additional color and layout variations.


SendPulse Ndiwano

SendPulse offers numerous free HTML email templates that you can integrate and use with your preferred email service provider. Some of the popular email template categories include business, e-commerce, education, travel, and hospitality.

All the templates are responsive, so your email will be displayed perfectly regardless of the device it’s viewed on and you can send emails with confidence to a wider audience.

SendPulse’s templates are also easy to customize. You can choose your own color schemes, layout, CTA (call-to-action) buttons, or visual elements and apply them on the template. Such elements help in promoting your brand identity. Subscription pricing is available for more features.


Litmus Ndiwano

Litmus is an email marketing tool provider. It offers a variety of themes and plug-ins that businesses can use to deliver welcome, birthday, and anniversary messages, as well as other information.

Litmus is a great HTML email template provider for several reasons:

First, Litmus email templates can easily integrate with other email service providers. This helps to reduce errors and saves significant time.

Second, Litmus allows you to apply a variety of templates to meet different campaign goals. For example, there are templates for sending congratulatory messages and others for discounts and promotional messages.

Third, Litmus takes email testing a notch higher. You can send test emails to check how your message will be delivered to users. Businesses can use information from these tests to improve the likelihood that their emails will not be treated as spam.

Developers can easily download free templates by signing up on the Litmus website. The download link is then sent to your email address. Paid versions enhance productivity and add even more features.


Mosaico Ndiwano

Mosaico is an HTML template that helps you craft effective emails without having to hire experts. The Mosaico email template has undergone extensive testing, making it appropriate for large projects.

Developers can choose between the versafluid and versafix-1 email templates. The versafluid template has numerous colors, while versafix-1 is available only in black and white.

Mosaico templates are responsive. They fit well on different devices and are compatible with major email providers. These templates also allow you to apply complex themes with just a single click of a button.

The templates’ drag-and-drop feature, makes uploading pictures and other necessary files easy. Mosaico is also an open-source marketing tool, so you can submit code for new or existing features and benefit from features contributed by other developers.

You can download these templates from the official Mosaico website.


Stripo Ndiwano

Stripo helps you build newsletters quickly using its wide range of email templates. All of its HTML email templates are up-to-date and fully responsive. This means that your template will display well on different devices.

The 1,000+ email templates are supported by major email service providers including Gmail, Outlook, Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, and HubSpot. This level of compatibility allows you to easily integrate Stripo’s email templates into your operations.

Stripo has also divided its email templates into smaller groups which are easier to find. Some of the top groups include abandoned cart, alerts and notifications, as well as welcome and confirmation. You can easily search for an HTML email template in your preferred category on Stripo’s official website. Several paid service options offer more users, more exports, more test emails, and other features at tiered price points.


Passion Ndiwano

The Passion email template offers highly appealing designs. The template features a perfect blend of different colors, making capturing the user’s attention easy. You can include multimedia objects like pictures, videos, and icons on the template to represent your brand.

Individuals do not need any coding experience to customize the Passion email template, making it very user-friendly..

As a business owner, you can add links to your social media and website landing pages to attract more followers. Managers can then utilize different tactics to increase conversion rates, measuring the fraction of site visitors that are converted to paying customers.

The included “contact us” section also enables you to receive and respond to customer queries. E-commerce businesses can use this template to showcase their products and prices.

The Passion email template is fully responsive; it looks great on all devices your target users may have. The template is also compatible with major email marketing platforms like Campaign Monitor and Mailchimp.


EDM designer Ndiwano

EDMdesigner regards itself as the most flexible and responsive email editor. Millions of users choose its template to communicate with clients. EDMdesigner is available for agencies, enterprises, and other end users. Furthermore, this email template can be included in those organizations offering Software as a Service (SaaS).

EDMdesigner has several major features:

First, the drag-and-drop editor allows you to create different email designs within a short time. You can either choose from existing components or build a template entirely from scratch using basic building blocks.

Second, the EDMdesigner email template is highly responsive. The firm spent a huge amount of time testing the template on various devices. The final results show that the email template is compatible with more than 90% of mobile, desktop, and web email clients.

Third, the EDMdesigner email template is built around the “create once, use forever” principle. You do not need to recreate your template repeatedly. EDMdesigner allows you to save and retrieve email templates at any time. You can easily reuse components like headers, news blocks, and unsubscribe sections in your future campaigns.

Additionally, integrate EDMdesigner with your customer relationship management and content management systems. API features and pricing are available via direct contact.


Notify Ndiwano

 is a responsive and multipurpose email template. You can use the Notify online template builder to create attractive emails quickly.

Notify is compatible with WordPress websites. Send email newsletters to your customers using plug-ins like Mailster without any problems. Notify also supports other email service providers, including Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp, GetResponse, and AWeber.

E-commerce businesses can choose from more than 35 amazing layouts to build responsive and adaptable email templates. For example, use one layout to send a transactional email and another for cart abandonment emails.

Notify is fully responsive. You can send emails to different devices and they will still display correctly. In addition, you can choose from unlimited color options for your template. Notify offers  regular and extended paid licensing  agreements.


Unlayer Ndiwano

Unlayer provides both free and paid email templates. You can use Unlayer’s templates to send cart abandonment, welcome, and congratulatory messages, as well as perform other actions. Templates are available for roughly 20 ESPs.

You also have the option of creating a new template from scratch using Unlayer’s online editor. Such tools make it possible to come up with good designs even if you lack coding experience.

Unlayer’s email templates are also visually appealing. The designers have used a combination of high-quality graphics and excellent typography to create engaging designs. Such email templates often impact user experience positively.

Another great feature of Unlayer’s templates is that they are highly customizable. You can replace different sections in the templates with text and images that reflect your brand.

Get custom HTML email designs from marketing pros

Email marketing enables you to stand out in the marketplace and stay top of mind with your customers. You can create and deliver personalized content based on customer experiences. Such a strategy can facilitate increased  sales.

For e-commerce traders, email marketing can help generate traffic for your website. You can then utilize other techniques to convert new users into paying customers.

Small businesses can also save significant resources by scheduling and sending emails using various marketing automation tools.

To get the full advantage of this strategy, though, it can be helpful to work with a professional who can keep you from making certain email marketing mistakes.

Project Catalog™ allows you to engage with professionals to buy marketing services that are ready to go. You can also hire marketing experts directly for your next project.

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